Learn how you can protect yourself from eavesdropping and phone wire taps by using technical surveillance TSCM, and electronic countermeasures.

Electronic Countermeasures

TSCM · Eavesdropping · Wiretap · Bug Sweep
New York · New Jersey · Connecticut · Worldwide

The Company
Electronic Counter Measures LLC is headquartered in New York, New York.

The members of the company bring an extensive and diverse background in multiple areas, including:Electronic TSCM provides technical surveillance countermeasures for all types of security breaches, including eavesdropping, wire and phone taps, and more.

  • 32-year veteran of New York police department
  • Detective Sergeant and Commanding Officer of the Electronic Investigations Unit.
  • Team has conducted hundreds of TSCM sweeps and has led many to successful prosecutions.
  • Members of the SWAT and Sniper teams
  • Certified Bomb Squad technician and conducter of VIP protection of political and visiting dignitaries
  • Airline Transport Pilot rating in both fixed wing and rotary wing
  • Pilot in Command of the department's three helicopters.
  • Certifications and memberships including:
    • Forensic Consultant (CFC)
    • Sensitive Security Information (SSI)
    • Cell Phone Forensics Examiner
    • Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist
    • Electronic Data Recovery & Analysis
    • Transmitters and Receivers in Covert Operations
    • Bomb Technician and Infrared Thermography
    • American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI)
    • International Association for Counter-Terrorism & Homeland Security (IACSP)
    • American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS)
    • High-Tech Crime Investigators Association (HTCIA)
    • International Associations of Computer Investigative Specialist (IACIS)
    • National White Collar Computer Crime Association (NW3C)
    • High-Tech Crime Network (HTCN)
    • Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA)

Training has been done at Research Electronics Inc, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art technical surveillance counter measure equipment.

For more information about Electronic Counter Measures, eavesdropping, bug sweeps, or general questions, please contact us.

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TSCM · Eavesdropping · Wiretap · Bug Sweep
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Serving
New York · New Jersey · Connecticut · Worldwide

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