Electronic Countermeasures - Learn how you can protect yourself from eavesdropping and phone wire taps by using technical surveillance TSCM, and electronic countermeasures.
CMA-100 Counter Measures Amplifier CMA-100 Counter Measures Amplifier, used to detect covert surveillance
This high-gain audio amplifier is used to detect and identify covert surveillance devices that have been connected to building, telephone, and data wiring.
VPC-64  Video Pole Camera REI's VPC-64 is a state-of-the-art video surveillance camera
This sophisticated device is used to inspect areas above drop ceilings and observe unreachable and/or remote locations otherwise not accessible.
OSC-5000 Omni Spectral Correlator OSC5000 Omni Spectral Correlator -- Electronic Countermeasures
A high-sensitivity spectrum analyzer, this counter-surveillance device is used to detect and identify any RF frequency radio waves, from 10kHz to 21GHz, being utilized by a hidden transmitting device.

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CMA-100 Counter Measures Amplifier

NJE-4000 Non-Linear Junction Evaluator NJE-4000 Non-linear Junction Evaluator
Detects hidden electronic devices by transmitting a frequency and then listening for a harmonic response. Used to detect bugging devices that are turned off.
TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer for electronic countersurveillance
The Talan telephone and line analyzer provides the capability to perform multiple data and communication line tests to detect illegal listening devices.
CPM-700 Counter Surveillance Probe and Monitor CPM-700 Counter Surveillance Probe and Monitor electronic countermeasure

This broadband receiver has been designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices, such as room, phone, body bugs, video transmitters, tape recorders, and more.

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