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Below are answers to questions we frequently receive about electronic counter measures, TSCM, eavesdropping, wiretap, bug detection, and more.  If your question does not appear below or the answer is not satisfactory, please contact us.

  • What exactly is TSCM?

    TSCM stands for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and involves all of the necessary countermeasures used to detect and prevent the illegal or unwanted interception of private, sensitive, or classified data or communications.  Your privacy and security can be restored from:

    • Phone Taps
    • Eavesdropping
    • Electronic Intrusion

    TSCM is a two-part process.  First, an experienced technician will conduct a physical inspection or “sweep” of your home, office, or industrial facility, as well as an inspection of all electronic equipment to detect the presence of covert/hidden surveillance or transmitting devices. Then, a TSCM specialist will survey for any existing weaknesses in physical and electronic security, and make recommendations for additional preventive countermeasures. 

  • How do I know my phone is being tapped?

There are numerous signs you can look for that signal the existence of phone tapping.  Some of the most common indicators include:

    • You hear unusual sounds or volume changes on your phone lines
    • You notice static, scratching, or popping sounds on your phone lines
    • Sounds are emanating from phone handsets after they are hung up (More sophisticated devices will emit no audible sounds.)
    • Your phone rings and there is nobody on the line when it is answered
    • You have been burglarized, but nothing is missing
    • You find dry-wall dust or sawdust on the floor adjacent to a wall
    • Furniture or other items have been moved and no one recalls doing it
    • It gets back to you that other people know things that they should not
    • Someone actually sends you a copy of your private conversations or communications for harassment, blackmail, or other reasons
    • And more

  • Are cell phones secure from tapping?

    No. Cellular devices cannot be made completely secure from phone tapping because they operate using radio waves.  These radio waves are encrypted, but can be easily intercepted by a radio receiver that is within range.  Cell phone tapping is achieved by decrypting the encrypted radio wave signals transmitted to and from cell phones.  All that is needed is the right decryption software for the target cell phone.  The individual listening in need never handle the phone or gain entrance to a home or office to engage in the tapping of a cell phone.

  • If my cell phone has been tapped, can you help?

Yes we can.  It would be unusual to find a listening or transmitting device in your cell phone.  However, it is not impossible if someone has had physical access to the phone long enough.  Your cell phone can be inspected for foreign devices by our technicians.  But this will not prevent radio wave interception. 

If your cell phone communications are being intercepted and decrypted, this can be temporarily stopped by purchasing a new cell phone.  Your new phone will be secure until an eavesdropper obtains the right decryption software.  It is not possible to predict how quickly a new cell phone might be compromised by a determined eavesdropper. 

  • Are phone taps legal?

    No. Unless authorized by a court, phone tapping is illegal. Wire-tapping, as it is also known, is strictly controlled to safeguard an individual’s right to privacy.  Unauthorized wire-tapping is often a criminal offense. 

    Few legal wiretaps are actually authorized by the courts in the United States annually.  Federal law enforcement officials may obtain court authorization only upon establishing, what is known as, “probable cause” of unlawful activity.  The court ordering the wire-tapping must limit any surveillance to communications related to the alleged unlawful activities in the agency’s application to the court, and must limit the duration of the wire-tapping to a specific period of time.  Local laws vary by state and may be more restrictive (providing greater protections) than federal law.

  • How soon can the intruder be detected?

    The answer is uncertain.  The intruder’s handiwork will be detected first.  The first priority is to eliminate the threat to your privacy and security and prevent future threats.

    Electronic Counter Measures LLC will collect all available evidence as part of our detection and preventive countermeasures.  Your privacy and security will be restored; however, identifying who planted listening devices or who was listening may not always be possible.  It all depends on the evidence.  The quality of the evidence can often depend on how sophisticated or, alternatively, how careless, the intruder turns out to have been. 

    Determining who was intercepting your private, sensitive, or classified data or communications is often a question of identifying potential parties with reason to want access to this information.  We will help you do that.  This is a standard part of our vulnerability and threat assessment procedures.

    Once we have detected phone-tapping / surveillance activity and/or devices, and collected evidence, we can proceed to forensic identification and analysis of recovered bugging equipment and, if appropriate, notification of law enforcement agencies. 

  • How much do TSCM services cost?
    The cost of our services will depend on a number of factors, some of which determine how much time will be required. Please visit our pricing section for greater detail.

  • Can TSCM services be done remotely?
    No.  TSCM services must always involve an on-site inspection and assessment component to be effective.  Our experienced TSCM technicians need to be physically present at your home, office, or industrial facility to perform the necessary vulnerability analysis and electronic device detection processes.
    Learn more...

  • What are your qualifications?
    Since 1995, Electronic Counter Measures has been performing TSCM services for clients all around the world. From high profile businesses to domestic disputes, Electronic Counter Measures specializes in detection and removal of eavesdropping devices. Learn more...

  • How quickly can you un-tap my phone?
    It varies.  The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can be on-site.  We may be able to un-tap your phone as quickly as the same day you contact us.  The scale of the threat to your private communications will determine how quickly we are able to get your home, office, or commercial site to surveillance-free, bug-free, secure status. Learn more...

  • What's the best way to get started?
    If you believe you are the victim of phone tapping, eavesdropping, or other electronic intrusion, contact Electronic Counter Measures LLC right away. 

    Before contacting us, however, take the following precautions:

    • Avoid doing anything that could alert an eavesdropper.  Alerting the eavesdropper can allow them to temporarily suspend their activities or remove listening devices.  This could allow them to escape detection. 
    • Do not speak openly at your home or office about having your phones checked or about enlisting our services. 
    • Avoid contacting our office using your home or business phones. 
    • Similarly, do not use facsimile machines in your home or office. 
    • Do not use your cell phone. 
    • Finally, if you discover a suspected listening device, do not remove it.  There may be other devices, and removing one could alert the eavesdropper. 

    Contact our office from a secure telephone such as:

    • A pay phone located away from where you live and/or work, or
    • A land line at a trusted friend’s home or office

    You may also contact our office via e-mail if you believe no one else has access to your account.

For more information about Electronic Counter Measures, eavesdropping, bug sweeps, or general questions, please contact us.

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TSCM · Eavesdropping · Wiretap · Bug Sweep
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