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Technical surveillance countermeasure pricing can vary greatly, depending on the application, location, and complexity of the assignment. Typical factors that go into a quotation for services include:

  • Estimated square footage of your home, office, or commercial facility
  • Quantity and sophistication of computers, phones systems, and other electronic equipment
  • Complexity and type of interior structural elements, including walls, ceilings, trim, lighting systems, HVAC, and ductwork
  • Availability of detailed blueprints
  • Circumstances that would slow or complicate access to certain areas of the premises
  • The sophistication and intricacy of the actual devices discovered during the sweep and detection process

The cost to you, our client, will also vary depending on your perception of the threat level and/or the sensitivity of the communications or data believed to be at risk: 

  • For situations involving a lower threat level, a limited (and, therefore, less expensive) sweep may be appropriate.
  • For moderate to higher-level threat situations, more detailed and meticulous sweeps will be warranted.

The professionals at Electronic Counter Measures, LLC would be happy to provide you with an estimate at the time of our initial confidential phone consultation.

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TSCM · Eavesdropping · Wiretap · Bug Sweep
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Serving
New York · New Jersey · Connecticut · Worldwide

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