Protect yourself from eavesdropping and phone wire taps with the services of Electronic Counter Measures.  We use technical surveillance TSCM, and electronic countermeasures to return your privacy and security.

Electronic Countermeasures

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Securing the Sensitive
Regardless of whether you know wire tapping exists, suspect eavesdropping, or frequent a commercial or residential environment where data is highly sought after, employing proactive counter-surveillance measures is the strongest security position you can take.  The dangers of eavesdropping impact a large sector of the population, such as:
  • Companies: Eavesdropping results in the leaking of top-secret data, causing irreversible damage.
  • Individuals: Eavesdropping results in the release of defamatory information that could destroy a parent's chances of gaining child custody.

Electronic surveillance countermeasures are invaluable. Beginning with a TSCM Survey, this procedure is conducted to determine the current status of your privacy:    

  • TSCM Survey—A technical surveillance countermeasure survey is a service provided by a qualified Electronic Countermeasure professional who:
    • Detects the presence of technical surveillance devices and hazards;
    • Identifies technical security weaknesses that could allow an illegal penetration of the surveyed facility; and,
    • Provides a professional evaluation of Wiretapping telephones and computers is commonplacethe facility’s technical security position.

A technical surveillance countermeasure survey consists of a thorough examination in and about the facility in question. 

Surveillance methods include:

    • Visual detection
    • Electronic detection
    • Physical detection

Once an initial sweep is performed, a sweep profile can be saved for that location and used in future sweeps, thereby lowering the costs of the sweep. Many of our clients schedule monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual sweeps to take advantage of the reduced costs, while other clients utilize our services just prior to and/or during a major board meeting or high profile conference. 

Whatever your particular needs are, we at Electronic Counter Measures will work with you to develop a sound Technical Surveillance Counter Measure program.

  • TSCM Removal—Once the presence of eavesdropping devices has been established, exhaustive removal methods are carefully instituted.  Typical eavesdropping devices include but are not limited to:

    • Unwanted listening devices
    • Phone taps
    • Hidden cameras
    • Recorders
    • Covert eavesdropping equipment
    • and more

  • Bug Sweeps—Preventive maintenance goes a long way, earning greater recognition as a necessary privacy measure for companies and individuals alike. From highly sensitive corporate offices to boardrooms, conference centers, meeting halls, and public areas, scheduling a bug sweep counter espionage service redefines "top security."

Electronic Countermeasures utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to provide the highest level of professional eavesdropping and industrial espionage detection available.
Conveniently located in the greater New York area, our electronic counter-surveillance services are available on the East Coast and throughout the United States, proving beneficial for personal and business applications.

Did you Know?
Eavesdropping occurs at alarming rates and can be avoided by hiring an expert counter-surveillance technician, such as a professional from Electronic Counter Measures.

Protect Yourself
If you are interested in learning more about our services or suspect illegal activity on your telephone, please use a safe method of communication and contact us to schedule an appointment.  

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TSCM · Eavesdropping · Wiretap · Bug Sweep
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Serving
New York · New Jersey · Connecticut · Worldwide

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